Psychotherapy or Counselling

Counselling is typically a short term treatment – between 6 and 12 sessions – and will usually focus on a specific issue in the here-and-now. While this may involve looking at the past, its value is in helping us to understand the present and your current challenges. Many people find that a short course of counselling is sufficient to help them to find new ways of dealing with old problems and bring a new outlook to familiar feelings.


Psychotherapy is generally a deeper and longer term process than counselling. We employ the same basic principles of active listening, empathy, curiosity and respect, but the purpose of psychotherapy is to facilitate transformation at a deeper level of the psyche. A typical course of psychotherapy can be anything between 6 months and 3 years. The length of time in therapy is entirely dependent upon you and the depth at which you wish to work.


During our initial meeting, we can establish which type of therapy is right for you.


Getting started

Change happens one step at a time – you have already made the first step. Please feel free to contact us for further information, discussion or clarification, or to make an appointment. We usually see clients for a free initial 30 minute assessment which will give us both the opportunity to decide if we are comfortable working together.



Our premises are located in Pimlico in central London, a short distance from Victoria rail station and Sloane Square and Pimlico tube stations. Unfortunately, we do not have wheelchair access. However, we can offer Skype and telephone sessions to those clients who are unable to attend in person.



Sarah: £75 per fifty minute session for individuals and £115 per seventy-five minute sessions with couples. Evening and daytime appointments are available.


Paul: £55 per fifty minute session for individuals. Evening and daytime appointments are available.


Cancellation policy

If the appointment is cancelled less than one week before, the full fee will be charged unless we can re-arrange a mutually convenient alternative session for the same week.